Drip Hose 50Meter 16mm

Drip Hose 50Meter 16mm

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With a drip stroke you can easily and efficiently ensure good and even watering. This drip stroke is suitable for medium to large garden. And suitable for connection to a tap or a pump. The flexibility makes it very easy to install and store. The drip stroke is also guaranteed to be free of clogging. Mounted elongated dropper with double outlet to prevent clogging.

Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Colour: Black

Wall thickness: 1mm

Note: For more roles, please contact us

Materiaal: Polyethyleen (PE)
Kleur: Black
Dripperafstand: 20-25-33-40-50 CM
Afgifte: 2-4-8 Liter/uur
Maat: 16MM - 20 MM
Wanddikte: 1,1 MM - 1,3 MM
Length: 300 - 400 Meter